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Tinker & Coco.
I am a self-confessed
fool, waving goodbye
to the second chances
that could have saved me
from this destruction.

My ego will be the
death of me.
28th August, ThursdayReblog
28th August, ThursdayReblog

I don’t know what it is about me that people leave me. It hurts, alot. Is it because i’m quiet or because i’m boring? Or because i’m stupid or come off dumb? Or because i repel people. I hope i’m not the only one in this!

28th August, ThursdayReblog

It just makes me cry when i see people younger than me employed and earning and started with their career and i’m just here waiting for a job offer. I just hate Pakistan for this.

28th August, ThursdayReblog

Ebba Zingmark.