My body is so numb and sour because of the Beach picnic i had with my Uni yesterday. I was in the water wayyy too much but no seriously i’m not whining, I had hell lot of fun :D::D

16th April, WednesdayReblog

Listening to the songs and watching the Trailer of 2 States, now i want to see that movie. 

Also, Alia Bhatt is really sparkling, maybe the next kareena kapoor.

16th April, WednesdayReblog

Tujh bin sooraj me aag nahi reyy,

Tujh bin koyaal me raag nahi raay,

Chaandaniya tu barsay, phir kiun meray haath andheray lagay.

Adhoori adhoori adhoori kahani, adhoora Alvida

Yooheen Yooheen reh na jaye Adhoray Sawal.

16th April, WednesdayReblog


the older i get, marriage becomes less appealing.

16th April, WednesdayReblog